Saturday, November 5, 2011

new things around the house

sorry that it has been awhile since the last update - but ever since i started "bracelets for a cause" life has been crazy! i didn't expect the kind of support and interest in it that i originally did. i thought maybe there will be ten orders at the most...ummm - more like thirty orders in two weeks! so happy to do it and to help out anyway i can. am i sick of making bracelets yet? nope - still love it every bit as i did when i made my first one :)

besides that i have been super busy with work - i was in denver all last week, missed the hubs and the bubs (short for "bubby" AKA our dogs) but it was good! i saw probably the only snow i will see all fall/winter, got to get wear my favorite boots, scarfs, and jackets

AND i was so excited on the first because i walked through a light blizzard and snow slush to starbucks to be greeted by THE red cup.

 yep - starbucks has officially said to the world that its the holiday season AAAAND the best surprise? i didn't have to wait until thanksgiving for my favorite....gingerbread latte!

so on to THE house

 - i have to back up a little bit here - so if you remember my living room inspiration from a few posts ago...i had originally wanted to find an old dresser and try my hand at refinishing. but after weeks and weeks of searching...i FOUND one!....ALREADY refinished and it was CHEAPER than what i budgeted between the dresser and supplies...and better yet? it is PERFECT! i am so super excited about this since it is THE piece of the room. everything else will be pretty neutral.

the color doesn't really show up here very vividly - its actually a little more teal than in the picture. when all is said and done we're going to get the tv mounted and do infrared signal so the boxes aren't on the dresser.

oh and i can't forget! i went to this super cool quarterly event in houston call the urban market - its where all of the local "crafty" merchants come out and sell their super original home goods. AND if you go on the day that all of the designers go - you pay a little extra but you get wine and food! well, when i was there i picked up this super cool carved key holder :) now it graces the wall next to the front door.

(note: my walls are DEFINITELY not that yellow)

so now, on to the craftiness. 

i want to start this by showing you what my "kitchen table" has now craft table :)

so to take a break from all of the bracelet craziness i decided to do some projects that have been on the back burner for awhile.

so if you remember from the "polaroid coaster" post i had mentioned that i was going to do it eventually - well i finally did! my inspiration came from a pin on pinterest - unfortunately it was to an esty shop - but if you know me... i don't like to buy i like to make

(my dog is not ferocious - this was actually mid yawn haha)

if you're interest in making some - they are SUPER easy! here is a tutorial :) they would be make great gifts for christmas or newlyweds!

the other project that i finished today was our holiday wreath (btw i added some cinnamon sticks from the local craft store so it even SMELLS like christmas)...starbucks - you have already gotten me excited and i started the holiday decor and your damn red cup :)


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