Friday, November 18, 2011

lyrics love

my next project, in which i have already started, is to decorate our stairwell. it is so bare and has no color whatsoever. i have been trying to think of ways to brighten it up. at first i thought i wanted to do large paintings but recently we decided that the art paintings are actually going to go in our window cubby behind our couch so it can double as decor and to block the crazy amount of light.

i found some inspiration that i really liked off of pinterest

but i decided to save the photography art for our dining room. i really want to do an abstract collage of our favorite prints on canvases in there.

so i decided to altar the inspiration above with some lyric art that i have been wanting to create since i came across it on etsy. each of these lyrics mean something to josh and i and i thought it was a great way to come home each day to see love all over the walls. (our front door faces the stairwell wall when you walk in)

i do love me some phototshop :)

this is our wedding song :)

this was my favorite song (next to our wedding song) that i found last minute to play
 before the wedding. makes me smile every time i hear it.

 this is our "dave" song. if you know me, you know i have to have some dave on the wall :)

and of course! "home" which is such a great song and so fitting 
to see when you walk in the door :)

i'll post pictures when done!
happy friday!

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