Friday, October 21, 2011

home improvement

so as you know josh and i recently moved in to a new home back in august. since we're still in the process of selling our other house, buying new furniture and decorating has been on hold until we sell the other house...but it doesn't mean i can't daydream and get inspiration for how i want to decorate the house for when we do :)

the good part of having to wait to buy furniture (we're going to replace almost everything we have) is that i have time to find exactly what we want instead of feeling rushed to buy something and it be a compromise compared to what i had envisioned in my head. with that being said below is my living room "board" as far as the colors and furniture that i have on wish list for the living room.

one exciting thing is happening in terms of decor that josh broke down and let me get is the media console! i had originally planned on buying an antique dresser off of craigs list or oodle and then refinished it to be that seafoam color above. after weeks and weeks of searching for the perfect piece i stumbled upon a beautiful dresser AND the owner already recently refinished it in the EXACT color i was wanting...and the best part is that it was cheaper than what it would have been to buy one and refinish it myself (not to mention all of the time in actually refinishing it!)

we pick it up on sunday and i am SO excited :) :) :)
(if you look at the drawer on the top - thats what the finish is going to look like when its done)

besides decorating - the other "to-do" on our list is our kitchen...nothing needs remodeling but when we bought the house - it came with white appliances and it doesn't really go with the finish and countertops in the kitchen so appliance by appliance we are replacing them. but luckily! (kinda) our dishwasher broke - which meant buying a new dishwasher! (now we only have the microwave and stove/oven left) - and to save $150 on the installation fee i decided to take on the dishwasher installation myself! it took me about three hours but i got it done :) (FYI youtube is awesome for installing instructions)

(we are 95% there - just need to re-add the modeling to hide the insulation)
not gonna lie its a pretty satisfying feeling knowing you installed something 
(especially the money saving part too!)

happy friday :)


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