Saturday, August 11, 2012

i love me some photoshop

so i've come to the conclusion, that the reason why i don't blog more frequently, is because the things i want to blog about have to be kept secret until the event arises. case in point: almost everything i'm going to show, were each surprises-in-waiting. so now that everything has come and gone, i am now able to share.

thank goodness for photoshop :)

stacey's nursery and shower:

our dear friends, the cooks, are expecting their first child, a baby girl. stacey had originally contacted me wanting me to make their baby's name to go above the crib. once i was in the nursery, she decided that she wanted me to help her design some prints as well. 

can't wait to share what the final product (nursery) will be once baby cook comes!

and of course with a nursery comes a baby shower. all of the hosts divided up the parts of the shower and i was assigned desserts and "baby advice". i had also seen these super cute onesies on and thought i'd give a little DIY a try.

below is what the onesies looked like and further down you can see what each month's ombre color was

girls weekend:

a few weekends ago, my college girlfriends (plus a few others) all got together for a girl's weekend in galveston. i had originally wanted to make t-shirts for the trip. but of course i got a little carried away.

welcome bags:

inside the welcome bags:

girls weekend t-shirts

girls weekend "shades" game
(pardon the language :) )

"i like big beaches..." beach bag
mustache koozies
mason jar sippy cups

other fun designs:

one of my best friends, natalie, is getting married in cabo next year, literally three days shy from josh and i's anniversary and not even a mile away from where we got married. as a crafty friend with cabo wedding experience, i offered to design the logo that went on their save-the-dates beach ball. 
so freakin cute btw!

while this wasn't my craft, josh and i sure enjoyed the craft moonshine that natalie's dad sent our way. it was an applejack cider moonshine. let's just say i'm glad there was only one jar because this was was gone in a few hours.

a while ago, i posted some inspiration and some lyric art that i created for the entry way. finally, months later it is completed! :)

leaving you with some humor of a little bit of photoshop i did for girls weekend :) 

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