Thursday, September 29, 2011

diy bracelets

so if you're like me and get on pinterest on a daily basis - you know when a certain decor, photography concept, outfit, jewelry piece, or celebrity is really popular. why? bc i get email notification after email notification (think about when your friend tags you in 100 photos and fb sends you a email every time you have been tagged) - yep same thing. well one item that i "re-pinned" this week got that exact same reaction...which was the "diy - braided hex nut bracelet" image below. i think it got "re-pinned" or "liked" about 100 times in two hours. so since 100 random strangers in two hours thought it was pretty neat - i thought you might too. :)

braided hex nut bracelet
(click on image for link to tutorial)

how hard was it? well i may be a little biased since i have attempted to make my own version of a chan luu bracelet (that sucker took over three hours and it only wrapped around twice!) - so after that experience i'd say that its pretty easy and straight forward. if you are looking for some pointers that make this bracelet easier take the following notes:

1. use a clip board to hold the end of the bracelet - otherwise you will become frustrated when the braceles starts twisting in all directions when you start stringing the nuts on

2. pre-string all of the nuts instead of one at a time - that is unless you have three hands and find it incredibly easy to hold a braid tight, hold on to the nut so it doesn't twist or become loose, while trying to string your nuts on one at a time onto a really long string (ok i know, i know, i think i have said "nut" about ten times)

3. one thing the tutorial forgot to mention was how the heck you're supposed to actually close the bracelet in order to wear it...create a knot at the end by tying an extra nut at the end of your braid and then at the other end tie a knot at the end of your braid and then tie another one about half an inch down. then you are able to string the knotted nut through your extra string so that it has a secure closure.

now - these aren't really notes but just more of an FYI on where to buy the stuff

1. you can buy some hemp string at micheals or hobby lobby (i personally couldn't find the rope used in the turtorial above) and I ended up grouping three strings each to then make the braid string thicker. i was able to find a multi-color pack for about $6 and each string group will make one bracelet.

2. i found the nuts at home depot and i would recommend either a #10-32 or a #8-32 and i selected to use brass since i am a huge gold fan - but if you prefer silver you will actually find way more of a selection. the ones i used came six to a pack (you will need eighteen) and they were $1 a pack. (so roughly $4 per bracelet. cheap, cute bracelet ftw!)

below is my final product after my try at it - i am excited to make more in different colors as well as using leather rope the next time around.

if the whole "hex braid" bracelet doesn't float your boat then i have included some links (click on image) to some more bracelet tutorials below. good luck and enjoy!

friendship bracelet

woven chain bracelet

wrap bracelet

Monday, September 26, 2011


pinterest: if you haven't heard of it - well then you have way too much time on your hands. pinterest is the next best thing to wasting time since facebook. no really. 

i discovered pinterest about two months ago and its pretty much the best thing. ever. i one day i stumbled upon it and decided to look for inspiration for DIY wall calendars. and then photography inspiration. and then living room curtains. and then....pretty much anything i can daydream about. and if you're a bride to be - forget all of the wedding blogs like,, or - why? bc all of those inspiration photos all can be found on pinterest.

so what is pinterest? to put as simply as possible...pinterest is like a filtered google image search - but it only brings up the best images - none of that junk from google where you maybe find two or three images that actually interest you after getting all the way to page 10 of your search. why? well everyone on pinterest is super creative. and there really isn't any "facebook" like pictures that are from joe smith's canon point-and-shoot. 

personally i love it - especially since i like to think of myself as crafty and it gives me so many ideas on how to decorate our new house (once we sell the old one of course) and i already have a few projects i have started 

like this one (wall calendar painted with chalk paint)

or this one (going to restore antique dresser for craig's list in this color for a media console)

or this one (keep the mantle but change out for the holidays/seasons)

and the best part? you don't even have to know what you're looking for - just start following some people and they will do the work for you. why? because their "pins" show up on your "feed"

one more thing - you need an invite to start - so if you want to be a member leave a comment below and i can send you an invite or you can request one from the site. enjoy! :)

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