Friday, June 15, 2012

newly turned book worm

i can't tell you why exactly, but i've recently turned into quite the bookworm. just ask the husband who is in desperate need of attention located to the left of me, who if he was brave enough, would hide my kindle, iphone, and ipad.

when i very first saw the trailer for the hunger games i wanted to see it. but for some strange reason i wanted to read the book first. the reason i say strange reason is because the last time i read a novel was about two years ago when my friend terri gave me a book for christmas.

well about two weeks later i finished the hunger games
(ps, the movie is horrible if you have read the book)

while i was finishing up the mockingjay in cabo, all of the girls on the trip were having a conversation about good book series (we were all reading) and ashley brought up fifty shades. and yes, this was literally a week before it blew up everywhere: facebook, pinterest, instragram.

no, i am not going to review it. 
yes, you know exactly what kind of content is in this book.
all, i can say is that once i started i literally spent the entire weekend after getting back from cabo stuck to my iphone/kindle and doing nothing else but reading.
so good as in, if i have two minutes to read while josh looks through his menu at dinner...
i am reading ;)

so now you've read fifty shades and the hunger games, now what?
how about a book like combines the action of the hunger games and the 'love' story of grey?
then my friends, i bring to you
the fever series

 this is probably my favorite out of all three that i have read. 
and i am pretty sure that (relatively) i read them the fastest (which was about a week)
loved this book - all 2000 pages of it.

so what's it about? if i tell you, you probably won't read it.
ok fine.
its about "faerys" and not the kind with wings that you have to clap three times for.
(in fact, the exact opposite)
just trust me and read it.

since each series i have read has been better than the last - there is a certain point of hesitancy toward any new book you try, certain that there is no way it can be better than the last.

so, i googled and googled book reviews that had the three above in their top ten list.
and apparently the black dagger brotherhood series topped almost all of them.

ok, sure... i guess i'll start a new series with EIGHT books. holy crap.
and really? why do they have to make the covers look so vampire pornish? kindle it is.

so far i am about 80% of the way into the first book and it definitely doesn't grab at you like the first three series that i read did. maybe its just me but, while faerys, post-apocalypse revolting adolescents, and bdsm didn't necessarily through me through the loop on the "non-realistic" stuff...
for some reason vampires do. 
don't get me wrong its ended up being a pretty good book so far, but whether or not you want to invest the time/money into eight books...

stay tuned :)

we are young

so again, i go over a month without writing, but for good reason. the past 6 weeks or so have been absolutely crazy hectic, so here we go... :)

first and foremost i am elated because after spending a few weeks editing and tweaking my new photography site is up! no more blogger!!

while we wait for our old house to sell (so we can finally buy furniture that matches) i decided i should start working on the art that i know i am going to make

here is the texas (knock-off of pinterest) art that i made to put above the couch

the other art that i made was a ralph waldo emerson quote that i saw on pinterest and loved
(this will go above the couch nook as well)
oops...still need to paint over the old signature

so on to the activities:

ashley and timmy invited us awhile back to go clay shooting. i was a little aprehensive since the last time i shot a gun was when i was nine on my uncles' ranch. and it definitely wasn't a shotgun...
to my surprise it was SO FUN. it was like playing nintendo duck hunter...but ya know
in real life..haha

the only problem is that when you shoot all day, you end up with the picture on the right.

so may and june definitely were concert months. which is awesome, since houston has had quite the dry spell for good concerts lately.

josh and i at dave (#18!)

free press summerfest with natalie and dean!

pretty lights (awesome!) and willie

natalie's concert (pinterest-inspired) hair

 lastly, this past weekend i went to austin to shoot jenny + matt's engagement pictures at the capital!

i always forget how short the drive is (2.5 hrs) and wish i made an effort to visit more often

oh and to top it off i got to see isabel again! it was great to see her, especially since she has creative friends that make tree stumps into patio tables!

 happy friday!

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