Saturday, October 1, 2011

a few of my favorite things

today i felt like sharing a few items that i have purchased over the past year or so that i realized has made my life either easier, more comfortable, or organized.

ralph lauren newbury wristlet

i was so tired of either carrying around a purse or misplacing my id/credit cards because i was always putting my cards and phone in my back pocket (when i didn't want to carry a purse).

after searching and searching for a wrislet that wasn't too big or only had enough room for my cards - i found this amazing wrislet at perfect bc its juts big enough to hold your phone (iphone or smaller) and a few cards - i can even put my car key in there. additional plus is that its saffiano (like) leather, which means it doesnt scratch easily or discolor and holds up to wear and tear unlike canvas or traditional leather

coffee mug tree

seriously i use this everyday - i know its silly to think that having your coffee mugs on a tree rather than in your cabinet - but if you drink coffee as much as the hubs and i do it makes life so much better (and prettier if you have cute mugs) when you're half awake in the morning trying to make some coffee
(they have these and bed bath and beyond)

dog bowl water mat
i know this seems pretty simple but josh and i actually didn't acquire one until we moved into our new house. seriously - how did we go so long without one (and having two dogs) i'll never know. its great because it contains (most) of your dogs lapped-out water/slobber. just seeing all of that stuff on the mat and not on our hardwood floors makes me happy. (ps. they come in colors other than pink - only image i could find)

pretty plum sugar robe

i know most of your probably have robes - and before this one i had about four. now i don't even use the other ones. why? well being tall most of the short robes don't exactly cover my bee-hind and if they are long enough they are too thick and in the summer that just won't do. this robe is great because its knee length and the pattern options are super pretty, and the material is light - i feel girly just putting it on :)

tory burch robinson work tote

ok - so out of all of these this is definitely the most expensive by far. before this bag i have never owned a designer bag and don't plan on making a habit out of it. but after breaking the handle off of four $50 bags from target from wear and tear at work and traveling i had had enough and finally was willing to dish out the money for quality. so far - i definitely paid for what i got. when i travel i carry about 10-15 lbs worth of stuff in this sucker and it has shown absolutely no signs of wear and tear whatsoever. and the best part is that its true saffiano leather which means it won't scuff or stain (which is great because i have already spilt about three things on it and it cleans right up). net-net: if you need a work bag that will take a beating - this is your bag

victoria secret's "pink" v-neck t-shirt

i know what you're thinking - "a t-shirt is a t-shirt" and yes i would have agreed with you before i came across these bad boys. i had about four different brands of your standard v-neck t-shirt (what can i say i love me a great pair of t-shirt and jeans) and then i saw these at vs one day and decided to give them a try. these are seriously the best t-shirt out there - it's super soft (think vintage tee) - fits great and to top it off they have them in about every color under then sun. all i am saying is that if i could wear these every day of the week i would be a happy girl.

water carafe

yea, i know - it's just a water carafe. but if you drink water or tea like josh and i do - this is absolutely amazing. we have two - one for water and one for tea. i got this because josh and i were constantly pulling out our ginormous tea pitcher (full weighs in at about 5 lbs) but then got tired of it so we started using this (especially for dinner). its great because its convenient and its super cute (and cheap).

magnet wall calendar
this is probably one of the most used items in our house. as josh says when i tell him about my travel and events in our life "put in on the calendar" - this is better than your standard calendar bc its MAGNETIZED which means that it goes right on your fridge which is something you go to multiple times a day. and the other thing is that its dry-erase which means you don't have to buy one every year

last but not least!
calphalon panini grill

panini-schmanini: i have never used this "panini" grill for paninis. BUT what i do use it for is inside, stove-top grilling. i use this most awesome pan for everything from grilling salmon, to aspargus, and of course chicken. it's great because it does a great job without burning (or scorching) your food and the best part is that its non-stick and there is hardly any clean-up. but please for the love of god - DO NOT dishwash this..ok? :)

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