Tuesday, July 12, 2011

second times a charm

so i attempted again to make my own cd/dvd envelopes for dana fernandez photography - the first time didn't turn out very well (or at least to my liking) so i tried again. this time i got punch holes (or whatever you call them) and instead ironed the fabric so that the ends didn't end up frazzled. i definitely like the way it came out the second round. now if only i could figure how to sew on the high-tech sewing machine that my mother-in-law gave me...

using "recycled" card stock i printed the logo and then cut out 5" x 5". then i punched a hole and hammered the eyelet on the back

i cut a similar size for the width of 5" and then cut where i had wanted it to fold over for the front. i then sewed the bottom in the center of the top flap but left enough slack so that i could wrap twine around the button later

i traced the longer of the two card stock onto some fabric that i had and then iron the edges over for clean lines

 thread and needles (good to have varying sizes depending on the thickness of the thread

then i layered the longer card stock with the button facing down, fabric facing up and then the smaller sqaure card stock. then (by hand) i sewed a seam all the way around. finally, i made a double knot of the baker's twine and strung it through the eyelet

turned over the flap and strung the baker's twine around the button.

i have seen these used for photography businesses as well as invitations or save-the-dates for weddings and events

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