Monday, July 11, 2011

do something

if you know me and know my blogs, you know that i like to do things. ALOT of things. i like: event planning. photography. weddings. writing blogs. graphic design. baking. and my husband :)

so far i have two blogs. one for photography and the other for (mostly) wedding and event planning. but, there are so many other things that i like to try...even if its just once. i want to document those things and events, so i decided to write my own blog. if for no one else but me. 

why do i try to do so many things so that i have little to no free time? to be honest - i reclassified for myself what was "relaxing" and what "free time" really was. before: it was having a few things to occupy myself with and always having something to look forward to. but after the wedding to the love of my life - i was somewhat frustrated with every day-to-day activities because i had no big "event" to look forward to. so i changed my mentality to trying new things so that every day was rewarding and i wasn't living my life for tomorrow.

the result so far? absolutely amazing. 
when i see something that looks cool that i want to try or make - i do it. not every time does it come out well. (like sewing!) but i know i at least tried. and other times i surprise myself with a better than expected result. and at the end of the day i am the happiest because i do it just for me, my family, and my home :)

i will leave you with some of the latest that i have tried. and i will try to post in detail (and pictures) about the things that i attempt to create moving forward.

"don't do nothing because you can't do everything. do something. anything."

cake pops

"hamburger" cupcakes and "fries" sugar cookies

me and the hubs at the mana concert :) amazing! (even in spanish)

baby shower banner
(sneak peek into baby shower decor i created)

meringue gradual colors layer cake

homemade cd envelope (still perfecting)

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