Wednesday, May 9, 2012

vacation and celebrations

well, its definitely been a while. two months to be exact. but thankfully, its because i have been super busy and even more blessed to have had a busy schedule filled with more celebrations than i can count and one fun vacation that i will never forget.

on april 30, josh and i celebrated one year of marriage together! looking back at the past year, it has definitely been one to top them all and if the rest of them are as good then i will live a happy girl :)

to celebrate our one year anniversary, we decided that we want to celebrate in cabo since that is where we were married. in addition, while we definitely had fun on our honeymoon by ourselves - we realized it is more fun to celebrate with people closest to you. so we invited three couples that we are very close to - to help celebrate with us and to spend a week in paradise aka cabo.

here are a few pics from our trip:

us on the way to cabo

our beautiful sunrise view from casa de los angelitos :)

josh and the guys went on a deep sea (marlin) fishing trip. it was the first for josh and he also caught his first marlin (apparently one can be a fisher their whole lives and never get the chance to catch one)
it was 150lbs! 
they also caught some yellowfin tuna - we had that for dinner and it was ridiculous! 
nothing like fresh caught fish ;)

Below is an AWESOME video that timmy made of dean and josh catching the marlin
(make sure to turn on your speakers)

the guys golfing on the course at palmilla. 
(also another first for the hubby)

one of the days there we went sailing/snorkeling around land's end 
(the famous rocks at the end of baja california)

me, ashley, and natalie

all of the group on our anniversary night :)

and another thing to celebrate! our dear friends john and stacey are pregnant with a GIRL!
(john is the one that introduced josh and i at college)

literally the day we got back from cabo, we were off to sean and ashley dugan's gender surprise party.

7 months ago to this date - ashley and sean lost their first son and child, royce haskell dugan 2 weeks before he was due.

just a month or so before - we all found out that they were pregnant! (and blessed with another child)
and this shower was to celebrate just that and for everyone to find out what the gender was.

before i left for cabo, i assisted ashley with some of the paper goodies for the shower.

she decorated everything with blue and pink and requested that guests wear the color of the gender that they guessed their baby would be.

below is the request for voting

this was the oh-so-cute "wishes for baby" that i designed. the guest was to take the color of the gender they though their baby will be and to fill in the blanks to sweet notes such as "i hope you learn..., i hope you have your daddies _____ and your mommies ______, etc" afterwards she collected them all and will make a baby book with all of them in their to show the loving words of friends and family :)

i also made these "team pink" and "team blue" for pictures of the guests divided by their gender votes

and now for the gender reveal photos!

this was the picture of the box which contained the color of the balloons that would reveal if it was a boy or girl. i definitely wanted to make sure to capture this next to the memorial bench dedicated to royce haskell dugan.

sean and ashley thanking everyone for their support and love :)

opening up the box

so incredibly happy for you too. josh and i love her so much already :)

so now on to miscellaneous things:

if you didn't know the new nike frees 2.0 v5 just arrived and was so oh so estatic to find these. i had thought i was going to have to do custom one to get my very favorite color. but was pleasantly surprise to find these at academy with my name clearly written ALL over it.

 i would like to make a note in regards to health and the paleo diet. while i was on vacation - i definitely cheated and took about 7 days off of paleo. while i hadn't really noticed HUGE changes when i started paleo. i definitely noticed them getting off it it during vacation. 

stomach sensitivity
lack of energy

NO thank you. 
i am happily back on my feel good paleo diet and the day after i started back on strict paleo?
my 5 day allergy attack went away along with all the junk listed above.

while i was on vacation i was also honored with another feature of a newborn shoot that i had taken about 2 months ago of sweet connor! 
happy dance :)

and last but definitely not least - i got in my dave tickets!!! he took last year off and is now back! 
excited for my seventeenth show with the hubs in a couple of weeks :)

happy wednesday!

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