Tuesday, February 28, 2012

photoshop redo: living room

so after my last post with my photoshopped bathroom "redo" i decided that i really wanted to do the living room as well :)

as you can see there really isn't much to our living room right now. originally we were supposed to put josh's couch in the extra room AKA "man cave" but unfortunately it won't fit through the door due to the angle of the door next to the guest bathroom. and the lamp? yea...you got me. ??

if you saw the post with the bathroom redo - you can tell that between the bathroom and the living room i am really wanting to brighten it with bright neutrals and pops of color.

if you're interested in where these are from - here are the sources below:

source: laylagrayce
(note: will definitely not be spending $200 on each lamp - but its my inspiration)

source: pinterest
 (note: will be recreating my own on canvas)

source: pbfingers.com
(note: will be recreating myself)

source: etsy shop
(note: will be recreating myself)
("hunter trunk": $599)

source: overstock
"handmade soho chrono grey wool rug" $370

"verano sofa" $1799

source: etsy shop
(note: will be creating my own)

source: world market
"sourav end table" $170

source: pier one
"white wooden hanging tealight lantern" $32

(note: again, probably won't be buying $200 in pillows, but its inspiration)

source: amazon

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