Thursday, January 19, 2012


this past tuesday was the big two-six and it was great! at first i was disappointed with the timing of my birthday and having to "work" and be out of town away from family. i was annoyed (originally) because i was having to go to nyc (for work) at 8am on a sunday, work on mlk (holiday) AND be on travel for my birthday. BUT, being so lucky to have such a wonderful husband, he surprised me with a birthday dinner with family and friends the friday before i left. it was at our favorite italian restaurant called d'amicos (if you haven't been and live in houston....go!) and he surprised me with some of the most thoughtful gifts. first of all, he went clothes shopping for me. this is fantastic because in my experience with people buying me clothes, whether its a man or woman - i am very picky in what i like. and he did PERFECT.

he got me a mustard yellow blazer/jacket (and matching tank top), an amazingly comfortable cowl neck sweatshirt, lined rainboots, two of my favorite movies, and a ipod speaker for my new nightstand from xmas! the best part of it all was just that he really thought about me and what i would like and i couldn't ask for anything sweeter :)

(us at dinner)

afterwards we went to our favorite hangout called cedar creek

and i was so excited for my other bday presents.

the one to myself was a crossbody that had been sold out everywhere but out of no where showed up online. i felt like it was extra special since it was one of the last ones in the country :)

and then from my amazing godfather, i got the final piece to my camera collection - which is absolutely amazing! how did i go so long with a flash?!

and my grandmother (after sending her a link) got me this watch that i stumbled upon on the internet and absolutely loved! thought i would share since i had never seen these before! its called "la mer" in case you want to see more!

so anyways, on to nyc. so after everything was said and done i realized that being in nyc wasn't too shabby. afterall, i could have had a business trip that was in the middle of no where right? even though i didn't get to sight-see, my hotel was smack dab in the middle of times sqaure. below are some pics from my week. i wish i would have brought my nice camera, but you know what they say, "the best camera is the one that you have on you"

this was the view from my room

on monday morning, someone famous must have been at good morning america bc i definitely couldn't sleep in with all of the screaming (not a bad way to wake up)

not only was i right off of times square, but broadway as well. not very familiar with the theatres, but this one looked cool so i took a pic

the second night i was there, some of my co-workers and myself wanted to go to little italy. which was amazing, especially the "off the menu" lobster tortellini. also go to stock up on my "pashminas" 5 for $20!

when we got back to the hotel it was snowing! 

for my birthday, i met up with one of friends (susan) at this super cute place called grey dog over in the younger (hipper part of new york) and she was so sweet to bring me a birthday cupcake with a candle and singing to top it off.

so when all was said and done, no complaints. absolutely perfect!

so, i haven't had time to craft lately - but this is my next project!

and just cute is she?!

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