Thursday, March 7, 2013

wall collage

lately, with decor i have been really focused on the living room. not so much on the dining room. but since i am 90% done with the living room, i decided to work on the empty wall in our dining room. over the past few months, i have been slowly gathering different pieces and ideas for my "wall collage", below is the finished result (super excited!) and where everything is from.

| mirrors |
i got these gems from a couple of different stores on etsy selling vintage items, unfortunately, these were the only ones the stores had so i can't provide a link to purchase. 
(also, all the frames i got from thrifting at local stores)

| "nothing worth sharing" print |
i got inspiration from a few weddings i have come across where a couple had this quote at their reception, so i decided to make my own print

| beach photo |
this was josh and i's favorite picture from the wedding. the wonderful photographers, the minnericks, i have to thank for this. i got this printed on a 11" x 14" standout from whcc

| "don't do nothing" print |
again, i found this quote on the internet and made a print. its actually supposed to say "don't do nothing because you can't do everything. do something. anything" but i didn't do a good enough proof before printing so i will need to redo this one. also, this quote is in relation to being a vegan, but i still though it was inspirational to other things :)

| "hola" sign |
 i had seen the "hello" version of this all over pinterest, but i wanted "hola" instead, gotta represent the fernandez name, right? ;) the etsy owner was great and didn't mind doing a custom sign and it was barely any more than his standard "hello" AND you can get it any almost any color!
esty store: ohDierLiving

| kate spade print |
i actually got this randomly with a kate spade purchase and thought it was cute so i framed it :)

| peony print |
i came across this online when i was searching for peony prints (i wanted a peony art piece of some kind since those were our wedding flowers) and found this and just printed it out and framed it.

| mexico postcard |
this was our save the date from our wedding and i thought it went well with the other colors.

| "i vow" standout |
i found the inspiration for this from pinterest and just remade it in photoshop and had it printed on a 12" x 18" standout from whcc 

| josh's wedding vows |
these are the actually written vows that josh wrote out on our wedding day. unfortunately, i don't have any written vows since i ran out of time and "winged it". oops :)

| "love" photography print |
i got inspiration from a store on etsy, while i was looking for a photo camera print, but it wasn't quite what i wanted so i made my own and printed it out.
inspiration from etsy listing | iLOVEmyCAMERA

happy thursday!

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