Friday, August 19, 2011

new home :)

for many reasons we have been wanting to move into the historic district in houston called "heights" but we always thought it would be quite awhile til we got there - but suddenly a great house showed up in our price range and we took it the same day we found it. we are so super excited to move to this part of town bc its so close! close to so many great things: great family, great food (no more chili's and macaroni grill), great shops, great people, great architecture (no more cookie cutter subdivisions), and great art. we are so excited and today is finally the day that it is all ours and i am just as excited to start decorating and making the home ours :)

happy friday!

the front :)

the back! (can't wait to set up seating area with strings of lights!)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

polaroid coasters

so my new obession is if you haven't joined or discovered it yet, you definitely should - especially if you are the type that looks for inspiration for everyday things through google search. anyways, as i was going through my regular feed of awesome inspirational images today i noticed these gems! 

polaroid coasters!

immediately i wanted some for our new house that we're closing on on friday, but then my brain started working and i realized that these would be great as gifts or favors for weddings and parties let alone for your very own coffee table!

unfortunately the etsy shop owner that makes these is so overwhelmed with orders (totally understandable) that i started on the search for how to make these must-haves myself. 
if there is a will there's a way :)

if you don't want to wait until i try my hand at it then here is the great tutorial i found on how to make these super original coasters.

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